Figurative Art

God created a beautiful world for us to live in: Amazing sunsets, rainbows, wonderful mountains and rivers. It is unending when we look around. However, he totally outdid himself when He created women.

Pomegranates and butterflies as symbols


You will see the pomegranate and butterfly as recurring symbols in much of James' art. The pomegranate symbolizes the woman. This beautiful, intriguing fruit is quite compelling. But it must be handled carefully. One can easily make a mess of trying to enjoy its delicious fruits. With patience and care, the veritable treasure of faceted rubies will give incredible pleasure. Such is the patience and care required when pursuing the love of a woman.

The butterfly symbolizes the male counterpart in this romance. He is either flying close or perched on the figure. When seen only as a pattern in the background, he is then is her thoughts.

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